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As the finish from the season approaches, clubs are getting ready to create their moves while in the summer season transfer marketplace. Right here is really a roundup of all of the newest information, rumours and gossip…

Since scoring four goals against Cheap real madrid kit last month, Robert Lewandowski has become hot property in European His club, Borussia Dortmond are hoping a Premier League club will tempt him to Cheap england football kit, instead of joining Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich jersey. The two German clubs meet from the Champions League final at Wembley on May 25.

Stoke City manger Tony Pulis has vowed to hold on to goalkeeper Asmir Begovic despite interest inside the Bosnian from Cheap manchester united kit, Cheap chelsea shirts and Cheap Arsenal shirts. A bidding war could see his value rise to £15million.

Birmingham City defender Paul Robinson wants a new deal at St Andrews. The 34-year-old is out of contract but believes he has earnt a new contract with the club.

Sir Alex Ferguson was not impressed by the antics of David Luiz

Club chat and other gossip

Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio has backed misfiring forward Danny Graham to score the goals to keep the Black Cats within the Premier League.The former Swansea striker has failed to find the net since his £5million move this January.

Dean Saunders believes he is the man to bring Wolves back from League 1, after the club suffered its second relegation in a row. The former Nottingham Forest striker says the managerial changes - four in 15 months - have had a negative impact on the players.

Best from the rest

Sir Alex Ferguson has labelled Chelsea's David Luiz a "dying swan"after his antics saw Manchester United's Rafael da Silva sent off in yesterday's game between the two clubs.

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